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Who we are

About Wurth HR

Wurth HR is a nimble and pro-active HR consulting business looking after clients all over Australia. We also help overseas businesses set up operations in Australia.

We ensure that our clients are legally compliant with the Fair Work Act, the Work Health and Safety Act and unfair dismissal legislation. When you use Wurth HR you know you are getting the very best expert HR advice.

Including HR as a key component  of your business plan means that your employees and managers can achieve their potential in a fair and equitable workplace free of favouritism and inconsistency in decision making. This will directly affect your profitability as your employees will be more engaged and focused on moving your business forward.

HR Outsourcing

Wurth HR is an HR outsourcing company primarily for businesses of up to 200 employees. Its Principal is David Wurth who formed the Company in 2008, having started up a vocational training business several years prior. Based on the fringe of the Sydney CBD, Wurth HR has clients from all over Australia. Wurth HR is Sydney’s best HR outsourcing company because we are well-informed, responsive and able to satisfy all your HR outsourcing requirements at a very competitive rate.

HR outsourcing is quickly becoming the most popular way for businesses to manage their HR function because of its cost-effectiveness. Having good HR helps you attract and retain top performing employees who will take your business to where you want it to be.