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HR for New HR Managers

As a new HR manager, you will seek a much deeper understanding of your organisation’s goals, values and position within its industry sector. Knowledge acquired can then assist you in aligning HR strategies with the overall business strategy.

In our line of work supporting organisations, large and small, across a variety of industries, we understand the value of creating a broader vision for your role. Tackling HR tasks can be daunting, particularly if you are not engaging in the necessary work to establish a more strategic approach for your role and the organisation.

To dedicate ample time and resources to fulfilling your role and being a business partner to the organisation, you might consider outsourcing specific tasks and activities. 

Outsourcing can help you become more productive, access the resources you require on-demand and enable you to remain agile in responding to business needs.

Areas of HR that may be outsourced: 

Employment contracts 

We ensure that your current employment contracts comply with current laws, regulations and sector-specific requirements.

Performance Management

We introduce your business to a systematic performance appraisal system that evolves with your business’s transformation and growth. Providing feedback on performance, ensuring continued professional development and enhancing life-long employability, brings you one step closer to becoming an employer of choice.


Experience recruitment like never before. Our support services guarantee that you select the finest candidates for the key roles in your business.

Remuneration and benefits

The compensation you provide your employees and the benefits package you offer play a pivotal role in establishing your reputation as an employer of choice. We assist you in maintaining competitiveness in the market and ensuring equitable pay for your employees.

Managing harassment at the workplace

Do not let sexual harassment or bullying undermine your business. These are some of the most pressing challenges facing employers today. We offer support through education, policy and process development and access to independent investigation services.

Workplace Health and Safety (WHS)

As the responsibility for WHS now falls on individuals rather than corporations, business owners are personally accountable for ensuring a safe working environment for all employees. We offer hassle-free WHS advice and support to ensure you remain compliant at every stage of your business growth.