3 easy solutions for using Wurth HR

With our simple fee structure Wurth HR can look after all your HR needs in an efficient and very cost-effective way.

We offer a number of ways to get you started. Many of our clients choose the HR Bank option first up to get a feel for how it all works. Purchase 10 hours for $1,500 – use the hours only when you need them – there is no expiry date! Or, you can purchase 5 hours for $1,000, again with no expiry date. If you prefer, we can simply quote you on a project-by-project basis – hourly rate is $250.

Once you’ve sampled our services you may want to move onto a more comprehensive package which includes having a monthly HR presence on site: $1,500 per day; $800 for 1/2 day.

You may also be interested in our HR starter pack:

  • a comprehensive employee HR manual specifically tailored to your business
  • access to a library of miscellaneous HR letters and templates

Let us know if you’re interested and we will quote you a one-off price for our HR starter pack.

HR Bank

Purchase HR phone/email advice (does not include on-site presence)
$1,500 for 10 hours or $1,000 for 5 hours

Get answers to your HR questions quickly and without fuss. You will always deal with the same person and there is no expiry date on using the hours.

You also receive free HR updates from us to keep you informed of changes to Australian employment law, Modern Awards and other important HR changes which may affect your business.

(Please note there is no refund provision with this offering.)

HR Hotline

Same as HR Bank except there is no limit to the number of support HR hours (does not include on-site presence). You do not have to commit to a minimum number of months or sign any contracts. You pay month by month and are free to terminate the arrangement whenever you want.
$2,500 per month

HR Advantage

Same as HR Hotline (unlimited monthly email/phone advice) plus 1 day on-site every month.
$3,600 per month

* Prices quoted are all ex GST. Options can be customised to best suit your specific requirements.

Let our simple fee structure be your starting point to introducing sound HR practices into your business. Get in touch today to find out just how easy it can be.

Wurth HR also provides a very competitive recruitment service – please request our terms and conditions document to see for yourself.

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