Recruitment like you’ve never seen before. Suddenly, it all makes sense.

  • Flat fee of $7,500 – includes advertising and all background checks
  • All candidates treated with the respect they deserve
  • People will talk about your business!

Hiring new staff can be very costly, especially if you hire the wrong person. We provide a range of support services to ensure you select the best candidates for the key roles in your business.


  • Update your job description, write and place your job ads
  • Interview potential candidates twice before providing you with a short-list of between 2-4 candidates
  • Join your final interview team if required*
  • Conduct reference, background and Police checks on your preferred candidate
  • Review and implement your new hire induction program*
  • Provide your managers with training in candidate selection, screening and interviewing*
  • We protect your brand by treating every candidate with dignity and respect:
    • We get back to all candidates within 24 hours at every stage of the recruitment process
    • We never “ghost” candidates
    • We represent your business to the marketplace, ensuring you become an employer of choice among your competitors.

We have access to an extensive network of candidates. When we advertise for a position we use Seek and LinkedIn. We have an excellent track record in sourcing  people for our clients.

  • A flat fee of $7,500 plus GST for your first hire for roles where the total salary package is below $150,000. This pays for:
    • Reviewing your job description
    • Writing and placing the job ad, if required
    • Shortlisting down to 2-4 potential candidates
    • Reference, background and Police checks on your preferred candidate.
  • You pay $3,000 plus GST when you engage our services with the balance ($4,500 plus GST) due when the successful candidate signs their employment contract
  • If you use us for any subsequent roles you get a 20% discount – $6,000 plus GST, same conditions as above
  • We negotiate even better rates if you use us to fill multiple positions
  • For senior roles ($150,000 and over) we guarantee we will quote you a very competitive fee.

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(* additional fees may apply)

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