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A smooth, clear and respectful separation with minimal negative impact on both the departing employee and the organisation.

Ending employment: what is required and how to do this effectively with minimal loss

As an organisation and an employer, alongside job advertisements and selection criteria, probationary periods, and onboarding for every new employee who joins, there may also be times when you face challenging situations. 

This could occur when there is misalignment with an employee, a change in circumstances either for the employee or the organisation, strong differences in opinion and resulting conduct, repeated poor performance, and even, misconduct. 

The most important aspect of ending employment is ensuring that your termination is lawful and that it does not breach an employee’s contract of employment. However, that is not all. 

A poorly handled termination can have long lasting repercussions in terms of employee morale, negative employer reputation and branding, and may even extend to financial impacts caused by data breaches, theft, or property damage.

Do you need support with:

  • managing poor performing staff?
  • designing, documenting, communicating  and implementing a clear process to manage an employee’s exit from the organisation?
  • ensuring you remain compliant throughout the entire exit process?
  • creating and maintaining appropriate documentation in this regard?
  • identifying and implementing key post-termination activities?
  • conducting a post-termination review to identify systemic issues that need to be addressed?

The Wurth HR Difference

Let Wurth HR guide you through the compliance maze of managing poor performing staff. This process can greatly reduce the risk of any legal or industrial issues arising from the process.

We offer expert advice and support across a full range of HR matters including the topics highlighted above. Such support is complemented by customised training and development programs, where required.

Please contact us today to discuss your specific requirements.