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Training and Development

Developing skills, ensuring compliance and safety, improving performance and supporting career journeys

Training: a must-have in today’s corporate world

As an organisation and an employer, training serves several important purposes and may be applied in various contexts. 

  • Skill development
    You may wish to enhance an individual’s existing skills or enable them to acquire new ones 
  • Compliance and safety 
    In certain industries, training ensures compliance with regulations, adherence to safety protocols and the meeting of appropriate standards 
  • Performance improvement
    Training can assist individuals in performing better and becoming more productive
  • Career journeys
    Training is also a critical part of an employee’s career development and advancement. With training, new job opportunities will open up, as well as their earning potential.

The Wurth HR Difference

We specialise in creating comprehensive and compliant HR frameworks for businesses primed for growth. As a result, we offer expert advice and support across a full range of HR matters including compliance with Fair Work legislation, performance management, employment contracts, hiring, engagement and retention, workplace harassment management, startup support and more.

As an extension of this support, we also offer training and development programs. These programs enable organisations to train their staff on addressing and managing these issues appropriately.

All programs can be customised and are developed specifically for in-house training.

Half-day and full-day workshops

Presentation Skills

In today’s fast-paced business environment, we face pressing issues that demand our attention from multiple directions in an era of ever-increasing attention deficits. It’s vital that we develop and deliver presentations that showcase our expertise and connect with our audience.

Interviewing Skills for Managers

A bad hire can cost your business up to double the employee’s salary. Learn the secrets to becoming a great interviewer and an excellent judge of talent. Save your business thousands of dollars by choosing the best candidate for the role every time.

Performance Appraisal Skills Training

How can you review your employee’s performance effectively? Move from being simply a compliance cop to someone who empowers your staff with the tools and resources they need to assess themselves, to course-correct and improve as needed.

Workplace Harassment Awareness Training

Most managers are not trained on how to identify, mitigate and nip workplace harassment in the bud. Don’t let sexual harassment or bullying destroy your business. Take proactive steps today to protect the business you’ve built.