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Interviewing Skills for Managers

A bad hire can cost your business up to double the employee’s salary

Imagine that a new hire of yours, Jane, turns out to be totally incompatible for various reasons. Perhaps Jane has resigned or you have terminated her employment.

This is a disaster for your business because:

  1. You will need to go through the entire recruitment campaign and interview rounds all over again
  2. The effect of losing Jane will ripple across your team, leaving a negative impact and reduced productivity
  3. As the hiring manager, you will lose credibility with your team and management colleagues
  4. As the business owner, the impact to your bottom-line is monumental, yet no accounting software will show the full extent of the damage.

Learn the secrets to becoming a great interviewer and an excellent judge of talent. Save your business thousands of dollars by choosing the best candidate for the role every time.

Who is this training for?

  • Any business owner or manager who conducts interviews with prospective employees
  • HR managers in small to medium businesses and large enterprises, across all business sectors.

What does this workshop address?

What does this workshop address?

You will gain a simple, yet effective, framework to help you make good hiring decisions. This  means you will:

  • learn how to write a suitable interview script that you can immediately apply
  • understand what to look for in a resume and how to obtain additional information from the interview
  • develop a shortlist of key questions to ask any candidate (including which ones to avoid)
  • discover the most common mistakes to avoid
  • gain practice and confidence during the class, either individually or as a member of a selection panel.

Why attend this workshop?

On completion of this workshop:

  • you will be able to find the right person for your business more quickly
  • you will have a robust framework for making good hiring decisions which you can then build on
  • you will know how to identify and put into practice the right strategies to retain the new person for longer.

This is effective professional development for managers, helping you to become an employer of choice.

Where is this workshop available?

This workshop may be delivered as a two or three-day offering and can be customised to meet the individual needs of your hiring team. It is available either on-site at your business premises or through online delivery  (Zoom or MS Teams).

This workshop is currently available, with the option to book from 1 February 2023.

Most managers are not trained on how to be a good interviewer.
This workshop arms you with relevant knowledge, practice and critical feedback on effective interviewing skills.

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