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Workplace Harassment Awareness and Training (WHAT)

What is 'WHAT'?

Workplace harassment awareness and training, offered by Wurth HR, will provide you with:

  • awareness training for employees and managers
  • policy and process development which ensures the proper and effective investigation and management of complaints
  • provision of an expert and independent professional to walk through and support you in addressing a harassment issue should it arise
  • access to a simple and confidential harassment reporting process
  • access to independent investigators where needed
  • ongoing and regular harassment awareness training and support for yourself and your teams.

Who is this training for?

  • HR managers and senior leaders tasked with investigating and managing harassment issues (small to medium businesses and large enterprises) across all business sectors
  • employees enterprise-wide
  • mid-level to senior business leaders across business unit or department who manage a team of any size

What does this workshop address?

You will gain a simple, yet effective, framework to help you prevent and address workplace harassment. This means that you will:

  • understand what constitutes workplace harassment (and what does not) and the myriad number of ways this may present itself
  • identify the key signs to look out for that indicate a possible harassment situation is unfolding within the organisation
  • discover practical steps to respond swiftly and effectively to a harassment incident
  • understand how to monitor workplace harassment
  • know how to provide training, development and awareness building within your teams and organisation
  • discover the most common mistakes organisations make in preventing and addressing workplace harassment (including what to avoid)

Why attend this workshop?

On completion of this workshop, you will :

  • identify tell-tale signs of impending workplace harassment
  • have a robust framework to help you manage workplace harassment
  • understand the strategies to put into practice to identify, mitigate, prevent and address workplace harassment
  • know how to begin developing (or revising) appropriate and relevant workplace policies (including your employee handbook) on this issue.

How and where is this workshop available?

This workshop may be delivered as a 3-hour offering and can be customised to meet the individual needs of your business. It is available either on-site at your business premises or through online delivery (via Zoom or MS Teams).

When is this workshop being offered?

This workshop is currently available, with the option to book from 1 February 2023.

Workplace harassment can occur in the unlikeliest of places and may remain hidden far longer than you may think, with potential damage wreaking havoc on businesses and personal lives. Most managers are not trained on how to identify, mitigate and nip workplace harassment in the bud.

This workshop arms you with relevant knowledge, practice and critical feedback on effective workplace harassment awareness and management.

Do not think that harassment does not exist in your business just because no one complains about it.

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