Well, I could be a little biased here but there is an interesting stat around which suggests that businesses could benefit from a little HRH (Human Resources Help).

Did you know that if an employee quits after 18 months with you it will cost you 2.5 times their salary package to replace them and get the new person back up to the same level as the departed employee?

With some good HRH you may be able to avoid this dreaded scenario. HRH can help turn your business into the one that no one would ever dream of leaving. How do we do this?

Just for starters, a good HR person can give you a performance appraisal process, management coaching and a harassment-free workplace. Why are these things important?

Apparently, most people leave a job because of their manager or some conflict with a fellow worker.

So, do you really need HR?

Why not give it a go  – you’ll be surprised by how much it could save you.