It’s 7pm Wednesday night and you’re still at the office. You haven’t seen the kids since Sunday. Your wife’s had to cook dinner again and we all know you’re a better cook than her. Here’s why you need HR.

Still, one of your new overseas clients has just called and wants to know how they can kick off their product launch before their official start date in Sydney. They need you to find someone to look after their HR and marketing and you need to find it tonight.  After all, it’s 9 in the morning over there. While you’re at it, they also want you to source an IT specialist to start scoping out their data comms.

And you’re an accountant! What do you know about HR, marketing or IT? If only you had a person you could call who could handle this sort of stuff.

That’s where we come in. Wurth HR has the HR expertise and experience to perfectly manage this type of situation for you. Whether it’s HR, marketing, IT or any other service we’re the ones who can help. All it takes is one phone call and we’ll do the rest.

Why would you trust your clients to us? Wurth HR is one of the leading outsourced HR companies in Australia and can demonstrate an impeccable track record of superb service to our clients over many years. We also have a network of outstanding professionals who can assist your clients in all their start-up requirements. As a team, we combine all this expertise into a seamless provision of the help your clients will need.

Wurth HR – helping your kids get the dinner they deserve.