• I have known David for 10 years. David’s successful management of his RTO (Ctrain) demonstrates his extensive knowledge and understanding of the TAE qualification and the VET sector in general. David has a unique perspective of RTO operational requirements and the implications these have for trainers and assessors.

    Chemène Sinson Principal, Blackwater Projects
  • David from Wurth HR specifically focuses on the HR needs of SMEs and was able to clearly and quickly identify these issues for us, enabling Knowledge Partners to close these gaps and allow us the luxury of being able to focus on our core business. His depth of knowledge and industry experience was reassuring and his ability to apply it specifically to an SME like Knowledge Partners has delivered the exact results we were looking for with great feedback from staff wondering why it took us so long to implement these simple improvements. Thanks for your ongoing support David – this is one less thing we have to think about as Business Owners.

    Carl Lindemann Former owner – Knowledge Partners
  • David, great workshop and very informative. I am appreciative of your time, effort and skills as an industry professional. I cannot emphasis enough how satisfied I am when I leave your training sessions, confident I have a greater understanding of the specific subject material and the industry as a whole. Thanks again – I can’t wait till we meet again.

    Quentin Field Principal, Resolute Training (RTO 45544)
  • My first interaction with David was in 1998 where we were the respective Australian HR managers tasked with ensuring a seamless integration of our company’s diversely different cultures into one company. During this integration project I found David to be self assured, competent, focused and knowledgeable in all relevant HR matters. He is a great team player who exhibited exceptional communications skills. Over the years I have continued to work closely with David across a number of projects within a number of different companies. He has continued to demonstrate strong competences within his HR and training spheres of expertise, developing a robust and successful consulting business. Based on my 22 years of interaction with David I would have no hesitation to recommend David to any prospective client.

    Martyn Walker formerly HR Director – Memjet
  • Unlike many consultants, David has fine judgement and considerable common sense (something which is quite rare). He is an excellent interviewer, analyst and writer and very easy to work with. I recommend David without reservation.

    Bruce Dier Principal – Factuality
  • I've worked with David on a number of projects over the past couple of years. He is always professional, well prepared and a pleasure to work with. David has an outstanding knowledge of Human Resources issues. If the number of employees in your business is growing, I highly recommend that you consult with David to ensure you have the right HR processes and procedures in place.

    Richard Carter Premium Business Networking
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